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Prof. Nakiela J.: Vertigo. The vestibulo-cerebellar system according to the latest investigations and interpretation of the author

The history of research and discoveries in the equilibrium system,

My own research,

Description of the technique of performing my own dynamic test,

Doctorate, Postdoctoral Qualification (Habilitation),

A New Theory of Kinetic Stimulations,

A New Theory of Caloric Stimulations,

Vestibular Compensation,

Vestibular Habituation,

A New Theory,

- Theoretical Foundations of Ruttin's Symptom,

- Theoretical Foundations of Bechterew's Phenomenon,

- Theoretical Foundations of the Nakiela dynamic tests,

The Opinion by Grzegorz Janczewski, Professor M.D., Ph.D., 

The Review of Andrzej Radek, Professor M.D., Ph.D.,

The Appeal to the Central Commission for Scientific Degrees and Titles,

The Opinion by Bolesław Semczuk, Professor M.D., Ph.D.,

Minutes from the meeting of the Medical Sciences section on 7/8 December 1991,

The Opinion by Jan Ku¶, Professor M.D., Ph.D.,

The Opinions about the Central Commission of Professor Piotr Jaroszyński and other scientists,

The Opinion by Professor Wiesław Sułkowski - The Prof. J. Nofer institute of Occupational Medicine.

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