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Prof. Nakiela J.: Vertigo. The vestibulo-cerebellar system according to the latest investigations and interpretation of the author

My own research

When in the 1970s, as part of obtaining my specialization in otolaryngology, I encountered some very difficult problems connected with diagnosing vertigo, I decided to begin from the foundations of research in the widely comprehended otoneurology. Most phenomena in this field of science were not explained and their theoretical bases were not known. The role of the cerebellum which it fulfills in the equilibrium system was not well known, either. Therefore, otoneurology became a field of science which was unclear and difficult to understand. I have been wondering for a long time where to begin my own research to decipher this complex and complicated equilibrium system. Finally, I arrived at the conclusion that the fundamental issues would be the thorough understanding of vestibulo-cerebellospinal reflexes in injuries of the labyrinth, and then in injuries of the cerebellar hemispheres. Based on the earlier mention observations by Ewald, I invented my own dynamic test, the so-called pendular marking time test in order to study vestibulo-cerebellospinal reflexes.

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